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Core Values & Key Issues

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Immigration & Border Security

Immigration should be a federal issue. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration refuses to enforce our immigration laws.  I will fight the Biden Administration’s unlawful and unethical attempts to transport illegal immigrants from the southern border to other states across our country. It is imperative we know who is coming into our country and our own local communities. Those who wish to immigrate should follow the appropriate legal channels to do so. Our great nation cannot sustain Biden’s open border policy, and I believe Oklahoma can help lead the way on addressing this issue.


Education, at its core, is more than getting kids to graduate from high school, career tech, or college.  Education is about preparing the next generation to work and live in their community. It is about training them with problem solving skills and preparing them for careers. It is about helping students develop the confidence to dream and equipping them to achieve those dreams. Every child deserves the opportunity for a high-quality education. I support school choice and home schooling. Parents and guardians need a say in how and what their children are learning. I fully support Oklahoma’s ban on teaching critical race theory in our schools. No child should be made to feel they are inherently racist, sexist, oppressive, or oppressed due to their race or gender.

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I believe the Bible, the Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution are the three most important documents in the history of mankind. I am a constitutional conservative, and I believe the rule of law and following the Constitution are what has made our country the greatest in history. I will uphold the Constitution, and I will hold others in power to the same standard.

Right to Life

More than anything, my Christian faith informs my pro-life beliefs. Life is precious, and I believe it is our responsibility to protect the unborn who cannot speak for themselves. As the Supreme Court hears new cases that may allow states to make abortion illegal, I commit to pursuing any new avenue we are granted.

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2nd Amendment

I can't say that any Amendment in the Bill of Rights is more important than another, but I do believe that without the guaranteed right to bear arms, all other rights would be imperiled. I’m a gun owner. I know the importance of the 2nd Amendment, and I will defend it vigorously.

Business & The Economy

As a 30-year business owner, I’ve seen the unique ups and downs of businesses, industries, and the economy in Oklahoma. I believe in the power and efficiency of free markets. In my experience, our economy works best with less government involvement. I will use all of my experience in agriculture, manufacturing, and banking to make decisions that will help grow Oklahoma's economy, so communities of all sizes, like Bartlesville and Collinsville, will have a bright future and will be places where your children and grandchildren will choose to live, work and raise their families.

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